Made with Love

With the cold weather seemingly here to stay, snow falling outside and Christmas fast approaching, I am trying to kick baby preparation mode into high gear. Something tells me that by the time January hits, I am going to be in hibernation mode until our German-American Bundle of Joy (GABOJ) decides to pop out.

P1060008We’ve been working on his nursery, and there are a few more things we need to get, but it’s definitely coming along. (I say “we” like I’ve done a lot. The Mr. painted a chest of drawers and bookshelves, put the wall decals up and put together the crib. I’ve…washed and sorted clothing! And I’ve been the busiest of bees when it comes to shopping for the GABOJ 🙂 ) Anyway, I’m pleased with how it looks so far, and have a few more finishing touches in mind.

As I mentioned above, I have been busy washing and preparing the GABOJ’s layette.  (Which sounds really fancy, but just means all of the clothing, bedding, etc. that he needs.)  I received lots of super-cute things at my baby shower, as well as some really nice used items from family and friends. Out of those gifts, there were several handmade items that I thought I’d share a little bit about:

Gorgeous, right?!

Gorgeous, right?!

This blanket to the right was made by my best friend from grade school. She has become an amazingly accomplished knitter, and has made me some of the most beautiful outerwear known to man. For example, I’ve decided I want to be buried with these beauties. She made this same blanket some time ago for another baby, and when I told her the news about our GABOJ, I asked whether she might make it for me, as well. I LOVE it. As you can see from the nursery photo, I have a thing for trees, and am going with a loose theme of Enchanted Forest. (Actually, I’d say I’m covering the “forest” part of the theme pretty well, but I’m struggling with ideas to create the “enchantedness” part.) This blanket is so beautiful that I’m hesitant to actually use it. I know it won’t be long until our GABOJ spews his puke, poo, and pee all over it, and it will make me sad to see it stained and ruined. My friend has told that I am to use it, however, under no uncertain terms. She says she didn’t use a fancy type of yarn, so it’s washable and she wants to see the little guy actually get use out it.  I have to say, it looks pretty darn fancy to me, even without the posh yarn. But I promised her I would use it, so at least I have its loveliness preserved in photos.

P1050976And if the awe-inspiring blanket wasn’t enough to keep her busy, my friend also churned out this little gem to the left. Could this set be any cuter?! I asked her some years ago (way before kids were a serious consideration) whether she could knit anything with a Scotty dog design. I had seen an adorable little hat with Scotty dogs knitted into the design in a posh baby store in St. Andrews, Scotland, and I sort of fell in love with it. She didn’t forget that I had asked her about that, and that I had said I would love to have something with Scotty dogs on it. I just found a little pair of newborn baby jeans in H&M a couple of days ago, so I think the little guy will look adorable dressed up in this outfit.

P1050978There was one other hand-knitted item this friend gave to me for my baby shower. This little bunny-ear hat is sized a bit bigger, so my friend is hoping that it will be a good fit come Easter time. It’s incredibly soft…and machine washable! I’m half-tempted to ask her to make one in my size….And Mia seems to like it, too! I tried to put it on her head, but she was more into sniffing it than wearing it.

P1060021Apart from her magical knitting skills, my friend has also branched out into quilt-making. She created this adorable quilt as a joint project with her mother. Owls seem to be a really popular nursery theme, which suits me perfectly as I find them adorable. I love this fabric. She apologized during the shower that she hadn’t realized there was quite so much pink in the the design until she was already making it, but I told her not to worry; the GABOJ isn’t going to care one way or the other (he just wants to be warm), and I’ll be the one looking at it every day. So if it makes me me happy and I like the material, why not some pink?

P1060012Also a favorite gift from my shower, this adorable little diaper bag was made by a relative of the friend who did the above knitting and quilting. (She has a shop with Etsy.) I love the fabric, and think it’s so cute that it almost makes me look forward to changing dirty diapers. Almost. Anyway, it’s a nice size for a quick trip to the store or the park, just big enough to fit in a couple of diapers and some wipes. It also has a handy little pacifier holder, which is a nice touch. It’s so cute that I think it can easily pass for just a purse if the pacifier holder and changing pad inside are removed. Hopefully that means I’ll continue to get use out of it even when we’re past the diaper bag stage.

P1060251And finally, my friend isn’t the only talented person I have in my life. My cousin made this really lovely blanket for the little guy. It’ll be handy to have so many warm blankets, especially given the GABOJ’s winter arrival.


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I love travel and have always been fascinated by other cultures. Back in 2004, I began my life as an expat in Edinburgh, Scotland. Fast forward 5 1/2 amazing years later to 2010 and the new chapter in my expat adventure: Würzburg, Germany.
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    Yay! Thanks for the nice post!

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