Today is Thanksgiving in the US, and I wish we could be there to celebrate with family and friends (and to enjoy the 60-degree temperatures that are predicted…it’s cold here in Germany!) Still, turkey or no turkey, I think it’s important to set aside a day to think about and reflect on what I’m thankful for over this past year. So here’s my list for 2012:

Having had the opportunity to have travelled back to the US twice this year to spend time with friends and family. I don’t know how that will change with the addition of a baby into our lives, but that’s a bridge we’ll cross as we come to it, I suppose.

Financially comfortable enough to pay our bills and buy what we need (and often what we want, as well, which is a luxury I try not to take for granted.)

Good health for both ourselves and our families (minor pregnancy complaints aside :))

Friends, old and new, near and far, who fill our lives with laughter, smiles and companionship. I was feeling a bit lonely earlier this year, wishing that I had more friends here in Würzburg, when it was like the stars aligned and I found myself getting to know a really great group of women here. We’re meeting for a Thanksgiving meal this Saturday, and I’m truly thankful that I’ll get to mark this holiday surrounded by friends.

Loving and supportive parents who wish we lived closer, but never make us feel badly about the fact that we don’t. That could be different. I know parents who say they “wouldn’t allow” their kids to move far away, and would guilt them into feeling like they’ve made a selfish decision if their kids would choose a path that takes them further afield. My parents never did that to me. When I wanted to study abroad during college, they were worried (naturally), but never discouraged me. When I went abroad the second time for the master’s, they must have known that the chances of me staying had greatly increased. Yet they never tried to talk me out of it. After I told them about the Mr. and how he might be “the one,” they shared nothing but happiness for me though I know in the back of their minds there must have been sadness, too, for my life abroad was becoming more cemented. And now, with the Mr. having a fantastic job that would be hard to match up to in the US, it looks as if our life here is pretty much permanent for at least the foreseeable future. Still, my parents try really hard to not put pressure on us or make us feel badly for living far away. I know that will only get harder for them as our family grows, so I’m thankful that they put our needs as a family ahead of what they would like for themselves.

The Mr.’s always thoughtful and kind family who do luckily live nearby. They’ve welcomed me with open arms from the beginning, and have continued to show me nothing but love and kindness.

Sweet and funny little Mia who brings so much joy on a daily basis. It sounds cheesy, but sometimes I think my heart will burst from how much I love that little furball.

A fantastic husband without whom I would feel lost. On paper, he is nothing like the man I envisioned I would marry, but in terms of what really matters he is more perfect than I could have imagined. I’m the luckiest.

And of course, the little bundle of baby joy on its way, who will no doubt take center stage in my list of future “thankful” posts 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!


About bittenbythebug

I love travel and have always been fascinated by other cultures. Back in 2004, I began my life as an expat in Edinburgh, Scotland. Fast forward 5 1/2 amazing years later to 2010 and the new chapter in my expat adventure: Würzburg, Germany.
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