Back in the Saddle

Wuerzburg in Autumn

Hurray, I did it! I managed to sneak a post into October before the month is over. (I’m sorry September…I really am.) I sort of feel like I’m cheating, writing this right now, as I’m technically home sick and not in my language class where I am supposed to be. You see, I got up this morning feeling not so great with a stomach ache, got ready, ate some breakfast, continued to feel not so great but was determined to go to class. I walked up to the bus stop (feeling not so great), waited for the bus (still feeling not so great), got on and decided when we got into town that it was silly for me to go to class when I felt so poorly and it wouldn’t be the end of the world for me to miss. So I just stayed on the bus and went back home again. The funny thing is that within an hour or so, I actually started to feel pretty good and normal again. And to make matters worse, we don’t even have class tomorrow as it is a holiday. What holiday, you ask? Why, All Saints Day, of course! (I love it. The Germans aren’t even really into Halloween like the Americans are, but we still get a day off. And check this out: We live in the German state abbreviated “BY,” and apparently we get the most public holidays of anyone – sweet!) Anyway, I blame my stomach ache on the bad dream I had about zombies last night that must have caused  some serious indigestion. (And I blame you, NPR, for causing me to have that dream to begin with after I read this article!) Anyway, at least I’m getting to write an October entry.  Maybe I should make it a spoooooky entry? Eh, maybe not. The zombie nightmare was enough spookiness for me in one day.

The beauty of the vineyards

Instead, I think I’ll share with you some photos and a little information about a walk we did here in Wuerzburg last Saturday through the vineyards to Randesacker. I was a little surprised to find it already so cold when I arrived back in Germany last week, as Indiana was enjoying a lovely Indian summer when I left. Still, the chill snap in the air and bit of hazy fog makes for some lovely autumn photos.

The walk began the way we usually do it, which is to start off in the vineyards near Wuerzburg University’s campus, and then make our way down into the neighboring town of Randesacker. The two weekends he was here on his own, the Mr. did 18-mile hikes on each of the Saturdays going in a similar direction to how we walked, but he then continued on to a further-away neighboring town before making his way back on foot. I’m not sure I can manage 18 miles going up and down hills in one day, so we only did a slightly longer version of the walk we usually do, which meant that instead of walking down the hill into Randesacker and then making our way back home along the Main River, we instead walked down into the village and then back up again on the other side of the valley into a natural preserve area, and then back into more vineyards. We went back down the hill from there into Randesacker, and then took a bus home.

Plucked fresh off the vine

One of the things I love most about doing this walk is that from early spring all the way until late autumn, you can forage fruit from all of the old orchard trees. We plucked a couple of apples fresh off a tree and enjoyed them as part of our lunch, and also pinched a few grapes from the vines (though we tried not to be too greedy…we know those, of course, actually are owned by someone and harvested!)

We stopped at the church just above Randesacker that you come to before walking down into town and had a bite to eat for lunch. It was a great place to enjoy the view.

Walking up to the church

This walk to Randesacker has become one of our favorites as it’s always beautiful, no matter what season, and it’s never too crowded.  Next to the church is where the huge, old mulberry tree grows that is totally ignored by passers-by, and offers some of the most delicious fruit available to forage in summer.

Off on our way after lunch

After lunch, we took the path from the church shown in the picture here next to the tree .

There were some beautiful things to see along the way:

Fall foliage

Stone marker in the vineyards


I promise I won’t be away so long now that I’m back in good ‘ol Germany. I have lots of entries I’m planning to write about all of our adventures in September and October. Until then, hope you have a fun and safe Halloween wherever you are!


About bittenbythebug

I love travel and have always been fascinated by other cultures. Back in 2004, I began my life as an expat in Edinburgh, Scotland. Fast forward 5 1/2 amazing years later to 2010 and the new chapter in my expat adventure: Würzburg, Germany.
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5 Responses to Back in the Saddle

  1. Beautiful countryside! I’d be tempted to pick a couple dozen kilos of grapes to take home and make my own batch of wine 🙂

  2. Lindsey says:

    Woman’s Hour did a piece on urban foraging — thought of you!

  3. fenella says:

    Wonderful to have you back at your blog.
    I find it so funny you’ve only just discovered Bavaria gets the most holidays in Germany. It’s mentioned every time we discuss what bank holidays we get off her in Britain. My boss is from Bavaria. Just two days he said he lost 6 days off when he moved from Bavaria to Berlin.

    I know I need to reply to your email. On the list of things to do this weekend.

    Lovely pics. It’s just as colourful here, but we, too, have an Indian Summer (an Edinburgh version of one).

  4. Daphne says:

    So beautiful – hope I can see that when I come and visit 😉

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