Das Boot

As the chilly days of autumn seem to be settling over Würzburg, I’m reminded that for the first time in six years I will soon be experiencing several months of a “real winter.” I say “real winter” because Edinburgh doesn’t exactly have seasons; it’s pretty much just chilly and rainy year-round, with winter being only a little colder and more blustery than the rest of the year. Snow was rare, and if it did fall, it usually melted relatively quickly. Würzburg, on the other hand, will have a genuinely freezing cold winter with quite a bit of snow, as I understand it. And this means I need to be prepared.

Although I’m not looking forward to trudging my way through snow and ice, I am (per usual) having fun with the shopping necessary to kit me out so I can cope. My decision, however, on exactly which winter boots to get is becoming a difficult one.

Option no. 1:

I’ve had my eyes on these puppies from LL Bean from way back in December of last year. The Mr. thinks they look ridiculous and says “you’ll be the only person in Germany wearing them, no question about that.” (He says this like it’s a bad thing. I love originality!)  I’ve assured him that as strange as they may look to his German eyes, they are an American classic and no doubt warm and practical to boot (ha ha). I didn’t order them at the time because the waiting period for a pair was 6 weeks, I think, and we had to fly back before then. I never forgot about them, however….

Option no. 2:

Click on this link to have a look. We found these on a German shoe website yesterday, and I have to admit they are rather fetching. The Mr. likes them, too. They look like they would be warm as I think there’s some sort of a fleecy lining, and the sole seems solid and looks like it would have good traction.

Option no. 3:

What can I say about these other than fun, fun, fun! When I was eight or so, I had a knock-off pair of silver Moonboots. I adored them. At some point I outgrew them, but they’re one of the few pieces of clothing I remember from my childhood. Recently, I was elated to discover that THEY STILL MAKE THEM! And in a million varieties! I think my favorite is still the Silver Delux, however, a throwback to my childhood roots, er, boots.

What’s your vote? What do you think I should be wearing when I conquer the fierce Würzburg winter?


About bittenbythebug

I love travel and have always been fascinated by other cultures. Back in 2004, I began my life as an expat in Edinburgh, Scotland. Fast forward 5 1/2 amazing years later to 2010 and the new chapter in my expat adventure: Würzburg, Germany.
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9 Responses to Das Boot

  1. Brandy says:

    Option 1. For sure.
    And please, for the love of all that is holy, wear them with some super awesome tights.
    (I love those boots. I might have to buy myself a pair. You don’t care, do you, if we’re twinnsies? Good. I didn’t think so.)

  2. Bonnie says:

    You should wear the ones that make you the happiest. If you get odd looks, you can always blame it on being a wacky American. (That being said, my personal vote would be for the silver ones.)

    • What if they all make happy in different ways? Sigh. I’m so bad at making decisions. As much as I love the LL Bean ones, I’m actually leaning towards these or the German ones as I think they look better designed to handle tucking in jeans/trousers for high snowfall.

      Are you packed for the cabin yet and anxiously looking forward to getting away? (I was going to ask if you have “cabin fever,” but that was just waaay too cheesy….)

  3. Lindsey says:

    OK, I was going to rank my preference list, but I like Bonnie’s comment so instead I am wholeheartedly supportive of whatever you choose! 🙂 (That being said, I think I like the LL Bean ones best – but I like the classics.)

  4. fenella says:

    um, i dunno! i’m not a boot person. probably due to not living in a climate requiring them. for me, it depends on the practicalities of what else you wear with them. like, do you want your jeans to cover them? because the moonboots look like that would be a bit difficult. or are your jeans supposed to tuck into them?

    yeah, sorry. I’m not informed enough to have an opinion. plus, i’m not good at imagining clothes on people. i see things on the rack or in a catalog and think it’s stupid, but then see it on people and think, that’s not too bad! or i see things people wear and think, if i’d seen that in the store i’d have though “who would WEAR that??” but it looks okay on her. (generally don’t have these thoughts on men’s clothing)

    • These comments made me laugh, Fenella. I guess fashion is pretty bizarre sometimes, especially for women. Men do have it easier in some ways, don’t they?

      Yeah, I suppose you wouldn’t have had much experience with winter boots! I think I need to go for something that will allow me to tuck in jeans/other trousers into them when there’s high snowfall. I used my hiking boots sometimes in Edinburgh whenever we did get some snow/ice, but the problem is I can’t really tuck trousers inside and they really aren’t very warm. Which is why I think I need something different. So we’ll see! Hopefully there’s still some time to make up my mind before first snow hits the ground =)

      • fenella says:

        I hate shopping for myself, but love shopping for things for Mark (just not WITH him).

        I suppose if you’re in a place where everyone tucks their jeans into their boots for necessity, then it won’t look odd.

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