Good to the Last Drop

I’ve been back at my parents’ house for a few days now, and I have to admit I haven’t been terribly productive thus far on clearing out my things and preparing for the yard sale. I’ve just been having too much fun doing other stuff. The good news is that I purposefully made this visit to Indiana an extra-long one because I know me (and my tendency to procrastinate) pretty well. But honestly, I’ve been keeping pretty busy doing anything but work since I arrived in Indiana.

At my brother’s, there was a grueling schedule of baking, watching movies and playing games with my niece and nephew during our stay.  My parents and I also decided to visit nearby Conner Prairie one morning while my niece and nephew were attending school. An interactive history park, Conner Prairie recreates what life was like for Indiana settlers in the 19th century and is established around the historic brick home of trader William Conner.

Is it just me, or is that guy wearing a sack on his head?

And those children are wearing very peculiar shoes for the time period....

When we visited, we had apparently chosen one of the busiest days of the year at the park for school group tours. There must have been at least 400 school kids, but thankfully there were also plenty of parent chaperones keeping the peace. Mostly. The weather was an absolutely perfect 72 degrees, with blue skies. Hard to believe it could get that nice that quickly since the previous day must have been in the 50s or lower 60s, but hey – that’s Indiana for you. (Now we’re in the upper 80s – shorts and tank top weather – for those of you not local).

Then yesterday my mom and I went to a friend’s house to help her with a luncheon she was hosting. In addition to getting to stuff my face with her tasty homemade chicken salad and lemon cheesecake, we played Mexican Train dominoes which I must say, is becoming a new addiction (I came in second after a mighty comeback!)

Choo Choo!

And today was my first big US shopping spree since being home. Well, okay, technically I had one in Whole Foods while I was staying at my brother’s house. Whole Foods is a grocery store, however, so I don’t think it counts as a shopping spree even though the receipt might indicate otherwise….Anywhoo, I spent about 4 hours in a super Target today and it was retail heaven.

The fluorescent lights cast a celestial glow

I think I must have spent a solid hour just in the card and wrapping paper aisles. It’s pathetic, but I have a real addiction to cute paper products. That was only the appetizer, however, before moving on to the main course of my shopping excursion: gift buying. It felt a little bit like Christmas today as there are so many people to buy for at the moment. In total, I had to buy gifts for a wedding, a baby shower, multiple birthdays and Father’s Day. That’s a heck of a lot of gift buying. But it was fun. At one point, I took a break and had a coffee at the Starbucks in Target (now that’s convenience!) before diving back in. I saw many, many things I would like to bring back with me to Germany, but forced myself to leave anything heavy or big on the shelf. It’s always a difficult choice between what I want (the cool driftwood-looking serving platter for only 35 bucks) and what’s practical (5 Oral B flosses for 97 cents each when they cost 2 euro-something a piece back in Germany). Usually practicality wins, but I do give in sometimes. Okay, more than just sometimes. But the problem is I still have so many things here in Indiana that I want to take back with me, and only so much luggage space.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll head into Plainfield later in the afternoon to browse Barnes & Nobles (another one of my favorite US pastimes) and will then catch a movie with my mom. On Monday, I’m getting together with friends to celebrate a birthday; we’ll eat pancakes and play miniature golf. Well, this life of leisure can’t last forever, but I sure am enjoying it for now.


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I love travel and have always been fascinated by other cultures. Back in 2004, I began my life as an expat in Edinburgh, Scotland. Fast forward 5 1/2 amazing years later to 2010 and the new chapter in my expat adventure: Würzburg, Germany.
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3 Responses to Good to the Last Drop

  1. Lindsey says:

    I’m fairly certain the Mexican train dominoes you play is the same game I play with my mom’s side of the family – we were playing it last night at the beach actually. Only we don’t have the nifty board and game pieces. We just put the double domino in the middle and put pennies on the end when we can’t play. It’s the low-rent Florida version. 🙂 I love family time.

  2. Yep, sounds exactly the same! And playing on the beach would be a definite improvement =)

  3. fenella says:

    I have been through a lot of what you have. The shopping spree, the not-enough-space to take everything back, the nice leisure time with family (though I never had as much as you do!). A month ago my mum brought Grandmama back from Florida, and she brought over a few books, a photo album, and a picture frame sans glass with painting rolled up in a tube. So that’s what I had to lug back by via train when I went to visit Grandmama a couple weeks later. It’s like this ongoing trickle of my belongings coming over from the States.

    The historical museum looks cool. I’d enjoy that I think. It’d be like Little House on the Prairie kind of place.

    Did you watch Eurovision?? Mark and I did. I’m glad Germany won. Hers was the only song i particularly liked.

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