Nine Times Out of Ten

There are things I love about living abroad. There are also things I dislike, which I’m sure I’ll do plenty of whinging about in my future blogs 😉  But what I love most is learning about all the different ways people do things, and it’s this exchange of experiences and ideas that makes life as an expat so interesting.

For the past 5 1/2 years, I’ve had the opportunity to compare and contrast life in the UK and life in the US. I’ve gained a better understanding of what  I appreciate and enjoy about both cultures. I’m looking to forward to gaining these same perspectives about life in Germany.

In my job back in Scotland, I used to tell the students I worked with to keep in mind that when they encounter differences, they’re not better, not worse – just different from what you are used to. For the differences you like, it’s no problem. It’s easy to accept something that makes sense to you and makes your life better. It’s the differences that you don’t find so appealing that areharder to adjust to and frustrating. But 9 times out of 10, there is usually a reason why something is done the way it’s done; even if it doesn’t make sense right now.

As I begin encountering all the things in Germany that don’t make sense or I find frustrating, I’m going to try really hard to keep my former advice in mind. Because there’s no point thinking that how something is done in the US or the UK is better or makes more sense; the joy of an expat life is discovering all the things that are different and trying to learn from those differences.


About bittenbythebug

I love travel and have always been fascinated by other cultures. Back in 2004, I began my life as an expat in Edinburgh, Scotland. Fast forward 5 1/2 amazing years later to 2010 and the new chapter in my expat adventure: Würzburg, Germany.
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3 Responses to Nine Times Out of Ten

  1. Bonnie says:

    How is it possible that I didn’t know you had a blog? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

  2. emcogNEATO! says:

    I got an email from Bonnie today saying she had a friend who started a new blog, so of course I clicked the link right away. I’m all caught up, and look forward to future posts! –Emily

  3. Bonnie – I announced it on Facebook but the timing probably was pretty bad for you to be sitting upright and feeling chipper around that time. I love reading your blog – is there a way to actually subscribe to it? I’ve just been checking it periodically for new posts.

    Emily – Nice to meet you (electronically!) and thanks for your interest =)

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